How To Update Payment On Youtube TV

How To Update Payment On Youtube TV

YouTube TV is a TV streaming service that provides access to live TV with over 85 regional broadcasts, cable and sports networks. It also offers unlimited DVR space for up to six accounts for just one price, and offers the ability to watch it from any device such as phone, tablet, computer or TV.

Basically, any YouTube TV subscriber can easily make changes to their subscription status including updating their payment method through the account section of the settings menu. While this payment option can be customized across many devices, customers will find that it is not always possible to make billing changes across all supported platforms and devices.

As we know, a subscription to YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month which makes it one of the most expensive live TV streaming services. Unfortunately, these prices are only valid at the start with the overall cost increasing as additional add-ons or premium features are bundled with the basic subscription.

In addition, fees may also vary between individual customers, as well as the actual billing date. However, every customer is always billed by YouTube once a month and the next payment date will be adjusted to the date when they first signed up, exactly after the free trial ends. Regardless of when payment has to be made by the customer, it is important to update the payment method to avoid disruption to the service.

Update YouTube TV payment

How to update payment on YouTube TV is very easy to do via the account settings section. The easiest way to access this section is to use a web browser on desktop computer, here are the steps.

  • Visit YouTube TV website via browser
  • Sign in, if you’ve never logged in before
  • Click the profile picture on the top right
  • Select Settings, then click Billing
  • Select Update next to “Payment Method”.
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After clicking update, you will see more information about your account, including your current payment method. This section also offers the option of adding a new payment solution or changing between existing payment options. Once changed, the new payment method will be automatically used for all future payments. Again, the exact date when the next payment will be made depends on your individual billing cycle.

It’s also worth remembering that a YouTube TV account is not a standalone service, meaning it’s also directly linked to your Google account. Therefore, all payment options linked to your Google account are also automatically available as your YouTube TV payment options. By adding a payment option to YouTube TV, you are also effectively adding a payment option to your Google account.


Changing the YouTube TV payment method is quite easy to do, you can do it through the Billing section settings. Once in the correct section, you can view your current billing details, including the payment due date, and change your old payment method to switch to another linked billing option or add a new payment method to your account. Once the changes are made, the new payment option will automatically be used for all future payments for your YouTube TV subscription.

Although the process of changing the payment method is actually quite easy, this option is not automatically available on all devices and platforms. If that is possible, then making changes can only be done through certain applications, and they will be placed in the settings section by clicking on the profile icon.

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Overall, the easiest and most reliable way how to update payment on YouTube TV is to access the account section via YouTube TV website, of course this must use a web browser.

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