List of The Best Inventory Management Software Free & Paid in 2023

List of The Best Inventory Management Software Free & Paid in 2023

system, will definitely make it easier for businesses themselves when it comes to tracking products, tools and assets. Unlike paid software, free inventory management software will usually limit the features provided in the software.

Unfortunately, deciding on the right software package for your business can be difficult as there are many features to consider including the price itself. To help with this task, we have tested and compared several inventory management software to find the best which we will describe below.

List of The Best Inventory Management Software Free & Paid in 2023

Zoho Inventory

For the free version, Zoho Inventory brings many inventory features that make managing your inventory easier. Zoho can provide low stock alerts, kitting and bundling options, and integrates into multiple ecommerce platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) app, including payment gateways.

This software also provides you with shipping tools that allow you to print packing slips to generate discount shipping labels from major logistics providers, such as USPS or UPS right from your dashboard. Zoho is definitely the best free inventory software that’s right for all small businesses, and its mobile app is also the best choice for entrepreneurs with high mobility. Overall, Zoho offers great value and is reliable as the best paid inventory management software.


Square is very popular with its POS capabilities for retailers and restaurants. Interestingly, for each POS account, you will also be given access to all of Square’s inventory management tools completely free for one location. It is the best all-in-one solution for retailers who want to manage inventory for free and sell in-store and online, including through invoicing and mobile. However, Square is one of the best software for its ease of use and price.

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Even so, Square still lacks in particular for kitting capabilities, multi-location inventory, and sales tracking, limited customer service hours, and vendor management. Not unlike Zoho, Square also comes with a great mobile app, allowing you to make sales and scan items as well as do inventory counts.

ABC Inventory

Despite having an older interface, the software developed by Almyta Systems offers an excellent choice for manufacturers with simple needs. ABC Inventory is packed with many features such as unlimited custom fields, 10 custom drop-down lists for additional properties, including 20 levels in the ingredient list.

As open source software, ABC Inventory obviously requires special skills to code and use it according to your needs, while it also gives you a lot of flexibility in creating an inventory system. Not only that, this inventory software also offers dozens of special features for manufacturing inventory such as work orders, approvals, repair and maintenance orders, including special series for manufacturing or engineering that you can’t find on Zoho or Square.

Unfortunately, ABC Inventory is not equipped with customer support which might make it difficult for new users. In addition, this software is only available for PC and cannot automatically integrate with other programs.

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