Need to Know About Spotify Ads Types & Duration

Need to Know About Spotify Ads: Types & Duration

With more than 406 million users with 108 million subscribers in 180 countries, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services available today.

Spotify has reached hundreds of different markets from all corners of the world, this is what makes this music sharing platform a great service to serve as an advertising medium for your business.

Since it was first released in 2008, Spotify ads have proven to be able to help increase brand awareness and profitability for many large companies and small businesses.

Interestingly, this platform also provides a variety of very useful tools to create useful campaigns, understand ad analysis, and prove successful in growing a business. Due to the variety of ad creation options, Spotify offers different prices and makes this an affordable option to reach new subscribers in the target audience, it also includes the duration of the ad itself.

Ad Duration on Spotify

However, the duration of an ad will always be one of the determining factors in the price of the ad itself, including the effectiveness of the ad. But, how long are Spotify ads? Based on the type of ad itself, here is an explanation of the duration of the ad that it is possible to create on Spotify.

Audio Ads on All Platforms

Businesses can easily reach their targeted audience through recorded scripts which are also referred to as audio ads. This is a recorded message that plays right at the interval between songs, it can even appear on various platforms and devices, such as tablets, desktops, game consoles, TVs and Bluetooth speakers.

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To make it even more interesting, this type of ad is also accompanied by an image as a visual accompaniment to the audio ad. This image is 640×640 in size with JPG file format that can contain the advertiser’s name, a visually appealing banner, or a call-to-action button complete with a clickable URL. While the duration of the audio ad will always play between 15 to 30 seconds which makes it very effective as a pause between songs.

Spotify also provides sponsored sessions to its listeners, these are single commercial messages that are delivered directly to listeners at the start of a 30-minute uninterrupted listening block. Watching sponsored sessions definitely keeps listeners free of ads for the next half hour, and this applies specifically to mobile sessions when the app is open.

These sponsored videos have become part of a platform-specific ad experience that includes custom playlists, image overlays, and more. Each session has a maximum duration of up to 30 seconds accompanied by a click-through URL to the advertiser’s page or website.

Video Ads on Mobile and Tablet

This is an ad that plays MOV or MP4 format files with a maximum file size of 500mb, the video content of this ad can appear in both portrait and landscape aspect ratios. Each ad of this type must include sound and must not have a black or lead bar, and must not include interlaced video.

Interestingly, Spotify also hosts branded end cards with their video ads, these are featured images embedded with third party tags and tracking URLs. In this type of ad, Spotify will show a 30-second video ad duration specifically for mobile devices, such as phones or tablets.

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In addition to all of the above types, Spotify also offers other advertising options that only display visuals on the home screen of their platform. Banner ads are image ad content that can be viewed at the top of a web browser to play Spotify.

This ad is what is seen when the user first logs in, or during a listening session where the banner ad moves to the bottom of the web page. Uniquely, there is no duration for how long these ads appear, because banner ads will always be visible to Spotify users which makes them a valuable display ad option.

Homepage Ad

Your business can also take advantage of the big and colorful brand message through the ads on the Spotify platform homepage. These multimedia ads are clickable and stand out enough to grab the attention of Spotify users.

Although it might be quite a hassle with the many design specifications needed for this type of ad, you can find them all in the available Spotify ad resources. Even if the homepage ad is only available on desktop, it will be available for viewing in 24-hour segments.

Leaderboard Ad

These are simple banner ads that can be clicked on and appear on both the desktop player as well as the Spotify mobile app. These ads may also be hosted by Spotify itself or by third parties.

The leaderboard ad duration can display short animations of up to 15 seconds for a more dynamic and engaging visual experience, in addition images can also be displayed exclusively for 30 seconds when user has Spotify open and active.

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Your business can also take advantage of a more unique advertising option, namely through sponsored playlists. However, this sponsorship opportunity really helps advertisers to show their ads to the people who are most suited to the product or service presented.

To date, Spotify already has thousands of unique playlists that its users can enjoy, and brands can take advantage of it by displaying ads specifically to users who are listening to those playlists. Amazingly, there is no specific specification for the duration of this type of ad, because Sponsored Playlist ads will always appear in the playlist queue even if the ad’s audio and video are not playing.

Determining the Ad Type

Admittedly, Spotify ads can be a unique and powerful advertising opportunity for businesses big and small to use. This platform is able to attract millions of users around the world, making it the perfect space to target audiences that match the advertiser’s own target. Thus, determining the type of ad by how long the duration of ads will greatly affect the performance of your ad.

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