Spotify Ads Types, Pricing & Costs 2022

Spotify Ads: Types, Pricing & Costs 2022

With a total of more than 406 million users and 108 million subscribers in 180 countries, Spotify has become the most popular music streaming service available today. The platform spans hundreds of different markets and almost every imaginable demographic has been reached by Spotify.

As the result, Spotify is not only a music streaming platform but also an excellent service for advertising your business. Since it was first launched in 2008, Spotify ads have been successful in increasing brand awareness and high profits for large companies and small businesses.

You can easily buy ad spots on the Spotify streaming platform. This platform provides a variety of useful supporting tools to create useful campaigns, understand advertising analysis, and successfully grow a business. Please note, Spotify ads also offer different prices, this being an affordable way to reach new subscribers in the target audience.

Kind of Spotify Ads

With a variety of audio content that Spotify has, the advertising options offered by this platform are also very broad. To be sure, all the types of Spotify ads available make it possible for a business to connect with the right customers and through the right format. The following are some of the types of ads available on Spotify.

Audio Ads on All Platforms

However, a business can reach all of its targeted audience through recorded scripts, and this is what is referred to as audio advertising. Audio ads are recorded messages that automatically appear at intervals between songs and play for about 15 to 30 seconds. Ads like this can appear on multiple platforms and devices, such as tablets, desktops, game consoles, TV, and Bluetooth speakers.

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Meanwhile, display ads can be included as a visual complement to audio ads. This image has a 640×640 JPG file format featuring the advertiser’s name, a visually appealing banner, and a call-to-action (CTA) button via a clickable URL that can simultaneously direct customers to the advertiser’s website.

Spotify audio ads have proven to be very successful, even according to the Qualtrics Entertainment Study, 61% of Spotify users are successful in discovering new products and services through audio ads. In another study, ads had a 19% higher brand impact than other media outlets, with 51% of free platform users more likely to pay attention to Spotify audio ads.

Spotify also offers sponsored sessions to its listeners, it’s a single commercial messages delivered directly to listeners at the start of the block for 30 minutes. Watching a sponsored session like this allows listeners to be ad-free for the next half hour.

Meanwhile, sponsored sessions are specifically for mobile sessions when the application is opened. Each session has a maximum duration of 30 seconds and contains a click-through URL that points to the advertiser’s page or website. These sponsored videos offer a platform-specific ad experience that includes specially curated playlists, image overlays, and many more.

Video Ads for Mobile

Spotify also features 30-second video ads specifically for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. This video ad impression has a MOV or MP4 file format with a maximum file size of 500 MB, which can appear in both portrait and landscape aspect ratios. Depending on the format of the video being served, each ad must include sound, have no black bars or leaders, and must not include interlaced video.

Apart from that, Spotify also hosts branded end cards with their video ads. These services featured images specifically embedded with third-party tags and tracking URLs.

Spotify also offers visual ads in various areas of the home screen of their platform. Banner ads are becoming one of the more traditional image ads and can be viewed at the top of the Spotify web browser. These ads will be visible when the user first logs in, and will move to the bottom of the web page when the user starts playing music. In other words, these ads will always be visible and make them a valuable display ad option.

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Homepage Ad

Big and colorful brand messages on the Spotify platform homepage can also be another alternative for advertisers. These clickable multimedia ads are not only large but also prominent enough to be able to attract the attention of users on Spotify, moreover this type of ad is also available for viewing in 24-hour segments.

There are many design specifications that can be applied to this type of Spotify ad, you can find them in the available Spotify ad resources. Unfortunately, homepage ads are only available on the desktop version.

Leaderboard Ad

Leaderboard ads are simple, clickable banner ads that appear on both Spotify desktop player and the Spotify app. This image will be shown exclusively for 30 seconds when user has Spotify open and active.

Interestingly, leaderboard ads can also include short animations up to 15 seconds long to provide a more dynamic and engaging visual experience. These ads may be hosted by Spotify itself or by third parties.

Businesses can also take advantage of other more unique advertising options, one of which is sponsored playlists. This type of sponsorship can help marketers show ads to the people who are best suited for the product or service.

To be sure, Spotify has thousands of unique playlists that its users can enjoy, and they can take advantage of it by playing ads specifically for the users who listen to those playlists. Additionally, this type of ad can also be shown in the playlist queue, even if the ad’s audio and video are not playing.

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How Much Does It Cost?

As well known Spotify ads only released their self-service advertising platform in 2017. Anyone who has a legitimate product or service for sale has the right to launch a campaign through Spotify ads.

Long before this, any ad on a similar platform could be worth thousands of dollars per campaign, making it seem like it was only for large companies and established businesses with large marketing budgets. Since the emergence of Spotify ads, a huge impact has been made not only by bringing a wide selection of ad types, but also completely changing the existing advertising cost structure.

So, how much does it cost to advertise on Spotify 2022? Please note, Spotify’s advertising costs vary depending on various factors, such as the targeted demographic, what device the ad is running on, the type of ad, and the length of time the ad is scheduled to run.

The self-service advertising platform Spotify also offers a component that may change ad prices over time, but there are also some general pricing structures to keep in mind. For example, most campaigns can probably be launched for around $250 for 1000 impressions ranging from $15 to $25. In other words, the price is equal to individual ad impressions ranging between only $0.015 and $0.025.


Apart from being used by more than 400 million monthly users worldwide, Spotify ads are also very powerful to target audiences from millennials and Gen Z. The platform is clearly user-friendly and designed to assist marketers in creating targeted messages that can increase ad revenue across the board.

Finally, with a relatively affordable price that offers many advantages and is able to attract consumers more easily, the Spotify ad type is definitely an alternative that you can use.

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