Step by Step Guide: How to cancel YouTube TV on iPhone

Step by Step Guide: How to cancel YouTube TV on iPhone

YouTube TV comes with a large selection of good premium channels and features, but it is also one of the live TV streaming services that is quite expensive compared to its competitors. For some, a change to a number of channels may mean the service is no longer suitable for individuals or households, but whatever the reason a YouTube TV subscription should be cancelable on a number of different devices, the process may vary depending on the device used.

One example is iPhone, although YouTube TV can be downloaded easily on an iPhone or iPad, unfortunately the features it has are not as rich as the apps available for Android or other platforms. For example, new users cannot sign up for YouTube TV directly through the iOS app, nor users cannot cancel TV services directly through the app.

For those of you who are experiencing this problem, then read carefully this article, because we will try to tell you how to cancel YouTube tv on iPhone.

Canceling YouTube TV on iPhone

Please note, since the iPhone app does not include an option to cancel the subscription, users will have to do so via a web browser to access the account management settings and complete the process. So, to do this you can start by opening Firefox, Chrome, or whatever browser you use on your iPhone, then follow the steps below.

  • Visit YouTube TV website through your browser
  • Tap the menu icon, then ‘Sign In’
  • Use the same login details you use for app on iPhone
  • Select the profile picture in the top right of your screen
  • Tap Settings, then select Membership
  • Select “Pause or cancel membership”
  • Tap Cancel membership, and confirm cancellation.
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While this is much more inconvenient than opening the app with the same settings menu, it’s currently the only way how to cancel youtube tv on iPhone. It’s different if the user has installed the application on other non-Apple devices, then canceling YouTube TV can also be done through that device.

After Canceling YouTube TV on iPhone

Please note, once users cancel YouTube TV subscription on iPhone, it does not mean that the subscription will end automatically. But you also don’t have to worry because the cancellation is still registered and you don’t have to worry about being billed again, but luckily because you’ve paid for the full billing cycle you can still access live TV and all on-demand content for the remainder of the paid period. Therefore, although it seems that the service has not been canceled, but it has actually been canceled, this can be checked by going to the same section of the settings used to cancel.

As for, cancellations will take full effect depending on individual circumstances, YouTube TV only charges subscribers each month based on when they signed up for the month and after any free trial period. Therefore, the full cancellation date will depend on the day it is typically billed each month.

As for the cancellation of YouTube TV while in the free trial period, the cancellation will take effect immediately because the customer has not paid for it, so YouTube TV does not have to wait until the free trial ends. Plus, canceling YouTube TV on iPhone won’t actually delete the app on the device. Therefore, you have to manually uninstall this app.

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On the other hand, canceling your subscription is not the only option available, there is another way namely the option to pause it. Pausing a subscription, allows you to take a break from billing on the features offered but this only lasts for a few moments until then the subscription will be reactivated.


However, YouTube TV subscribers can cancel their subscription on their iPhone, although this can’t be done directly through the iOS app because it doesn’t offer as many features as Android. Once the subscription is successfully cancelled, the user still has access to live TV for the remainder of the current billing cycle.

Whereas when this cycle ends will depend on the time the customer first signs up and usually makes monthly payments. After canceling and the billing cycle is completely over, users will still have to manually delete the YouTube TV app from the iPhone device.

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