Want to be a software engineer Master These Skills

Want to be a software engineer? Master These Skills

Now it can be said that all activities can not be separated from digital technology, ranging from communication, commerce, industry, to government services are carried out with the help of computer technology and internet.

This makes us dependent on technology to carry out daily activities. Industry dependence in particular creates a high demand for software engineering since technology that continues to develop and touches all aspects of life, so it can be predicted that in the future the profession as a software engineer will be increasingly needed according to the development of technology.

Skills required by software engineers

Although the demand is high, that doesn’t mean pursuing a software engineering career is free from competition. A professional software engineer who is reliable in his field must have a series of skills, including the following.

Mastering Programming Language & Frameworks

Programming language is a computer language consisting of syntax and semantics. In this case, computer language is used to provide instructions for creating and running programs.

Each programming language has been designed with different purpose. For example, JavaScript or CoffeeScript are needed to design the front-end of a website while Ruby or Python are needed for the back-end. Familiar with more than one programming language will be very helpful in the work. In addition to making it easier to work on projects, mastering several programming languages ​​will also open up opportunities to be involved in many projects.

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Besides, frameworks will also be very helpful for software engineers because it can simplify coding tasks. As the name suggests, frameworks used by software developers to develop web and desktop-based applications. So, it can be said that every single software engineer must have these two technical skills.

Keeping up with Tools

Technology continues to develop new tools from time to time. As a software engineer, you should not miss following the latest tool updates such as GitHub, ProofHub, Adobe Dreamweaver, Codenvy, Axosoft, Code Climate and others.

That tools are very useful for software engineering in working on projects, sharing tasks with team members, monitoring work progress, and collaborating with teams.

Understanding Algorithms & Data Structures

A good understanding of algorithms, data structures, and the complexity must be mastered by a software engineer to be able to create a program that runs flawlessly. For example, in the preparation of a program for one of the tools in a smartphone, namely contacts.

In this case, the software engineer needs to implement a series of instructions that allow the user to use the contact feature to save a phone number or perform a search. To make this simple instruction, it is necessary to apply an algorithm for the searching or filtering function.

Mastering Good Communication

Technical skills as above will help software engineers in carrying out their assigned work. In practice, it is not always for a software engineer to work alone but sometimes it is needed to collaborate in teams to complete a project. Therefore, technical skills need to be supported by qualified soft skills.

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In collaborating with the team, the software engineer will brainstorm, discuss, and even argue if there is a difference of opinion. Therefore, it is important for a software engineer to have good skills in communication, conflict management, and negotiation. Besides, a project always has the deadline, so software developers must be able to manage time and priorities well so that work can be completed on time.

Those are some of the skills that need to be mastered by anyone who wants to enter the field of software engineering. The skills above and many other knowledge about software engineering can be learned in many ways, you can take short courses or special schools on digital technology to become a skilled software engineer.

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